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A ministry of help

Support Pastors and Ministers as they fulfill God’s mandate on the earth

Oasis ministries intercedes for Pastors’ and ministers’ needs in prayers, offers spiritual support like discipleship and accountability relationships, offers financial and emotional support, assists with administrative tasks, and coordinates various ministries within the church.

Oasis ministries works collaboratively with ministries with other ministries to evaluate their effectiveness and provide constructive feedback for improvement. This can help ministries identify areas of strengths, weaknesses and to make modifications to enhance their impact.

After evaluating, assessing, identifying, and understanding specific needs as well as the resources required to achieve them, we make recommendations and bring in experts in the specific areas of need. Our goal is to resolve the issues by getting them unstuck and move the ministry forward towards their goal and mission.


Founder & President
Stella K. Adjei

Hello Friends,

My name is Stella K. Adjei and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Oasis International Ministries! 

I want to come alongside you on your journey of recognizing, identifying, navigating, and overcoming life issues that keep you from succeeding in fulfilling your mandate and spiritual growth.

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