Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring play a significant role in ministries. It offers guidance, support and personal development opportunities, and accountability for individuals serving in ministries. It also supports leadership development

  • We identify strong experienced leaders within the ministry and pair them with emerging leaders to help them grow into their roles, skill enhancement, and personal growth. We do this through encouragement, accountability, prayer and assisting individuals to deepen their relationship with God and live out their faith more effectively.
  • It fosters building relationships, and vision casting. We provide guidance and support, focus, and motivation and help align workers with the ministry’s overall mission and purpose and the pastor’s vision for the church.

Armor Bearers

 An armor bearer serves as a covering. One serves as an intercessor even when one is not on physical duty. 

  • We support leaders in a manner that provides practical support such as managing their schedules, handle administrative tasks or act as a liaison between other leaders, staff or team members.

  • Anticipating a leader’s needs and knowing when to proactively step in is crutial. This may involve preparing materials for meetings to ensure leaders have necessary resources or even providing emotional support during stressful times.

  • Maintain confidentiality as an armor bearer may have access to sensitive and personal information. They often act as a trusted confidant and moral support to the leader.


Protocol follows established rules, customs, and procedures that govern behavior, etiquette, and communication. Roles vary in different situations.

  • Protocol establishes order and facilitates communication by outlining rules of conduct to avoid misunderstanding and chaos. A lead team member with effective communication, and problem-solving skills which mitigates conflict and avoids offenses.
  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy to all.
  • Manage events and logistics by planning, and executing events and logistics smoothly


Hospitality provides a welcoming, inviting and accommodating environment for guests and it may the that first impression that convinces a person to be a return visitor or decide to engage or become a member.

  • Create a warm environment where people feel comfortable, valued and at ease.
  • Provide exceptional customer service. Be attentive, intentional, responsive, genuine desire to meet people’s needs and answer all question with a smile and exceed all expectation. Always go the extra mile to make guests feel comfortable.
  • The ability to bring people together from different backgrounds and nurture relationships.

Event Planning

We help churches and ministries carry the vision of bringing people together so that they will be blessed. We plan memorable and impactful experiences. We handle logistics management, protocol for women’s conferences, Retreats, brunches, Networking opportunities, and other experiences